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Having been born in Hanover, New York some decades ago, I never acclimated to the snow and cold of the Northeast. Desire for warm tempuratures and a change in career led me to the sunny south where I lived in Dallas, Texas and St. Petersburg, Florida for several years each. My wanderlust drew me more recently to the  middle of the road weather conditions (if not soggy) of Eugene, Oregon. While dodging lightening or running for an air-conditioned place during my time in Florida, I attended Eckerd College and earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in History.

Exposure to the habits of writing led me to pursue the art. My curriculum ended up heavy with writing technique. Subsequently, I have completed two novels. My third novel is ready for a publisher  and a fourth full length non-fiction travel piece are completed in first draft. Other manuscripts are in the wings. I write for pleasure and freelance as well. I tutor students and enjoy writing a weekly Biblical reflection called "God Likes Ants. " Look for the book God Likes Ants: Every Week coming soon from Wipf & Stock Publishers.

I have returned recently to my hometown to be closer to family in Buffalo, NY and back to the cold and snow. Only God knows where He will take me next. 

I am a Christian, a Republican,  a supporter of Israel, and a lover of my family, books, the sea, animals, many things...



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