Random Act of Mischief

A novel of humor, romance, travel, and tragedy all as a result of one disgruntled airline worker's whim of mischief.

NOTE: Tate Publishing has recently closed its doors. Random Act of Mischief is currently seeking a new publisher.

God Likes Ants: Every Week

A weekly Biblical reflection study guide written with a literal Christain perpective.

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Will Travel with Consequences

 A solo trip to South Africa leads Ann, an intrepid dreamer to tragedy when she puts her trust in a stranger. Ignoring her father's advice, she makes one self-defeating decision after another. She losses her career, her home, her money, a child, and her dignity. As often the case in life, Ann is led out of despair toward hope. 

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I'm Just Starting: A Reluctant Criminal's High Road to County Jail

The adventure begins with our protagonist's DUI crimes which leads to a cultural immersion of an unlikely type. As a self-determined non-criminal she fights her self-righteousness and judgments through a renewed relationship with God. The story is frank, funny, and a positive message for hope and recovery. 

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A Safer Way to Forget:  Confessions and Prayers

Retained by author

In Process...

  No Continuing City :Time and Travel in the Waiting Room, No Losses, Altered Biography, Between the Edges of Time, One Learning Dublin


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